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An espresso shot is the prime ingredient for some of the best tasting drinks in the world. You’re probably here because you’re an avid fan and drinker of macchiatos, cappuccinos, latte or any other coffee inspired drink and you need some guidance and help within the vast world of espresso. My name is Fabio and I will be your host into this journey in which I can hopefully assist you for whatever purpose you stumbled onto my website. I have been in the coffee business for many years and have accumulated not only an impenetrable love for it, but also a vast knowledge bank from having been fortunate enough to test thousands of products pertaining to the world of espresso. Whether you want to buy an awesome brand new espresso machine or a potent grinder to create that smooth fine grind on a consistent basis, I have got you covered!

There are literally thousands of different products out there and choosing the right one can be a very difficult task. You might have purchased an espresso machine before that just didn’t work well or broke down after only a month of use. Unfortunately, there are many bad machines out there and the high quality ones are far few and between. Our persistent dedication to the world of espresso has put us in a position where we have tested literally hundreds of these products and have rated them based on multiple factors. All the products listed on this website are the top of the line to give you tantalizing espresso at a consistent rate. So let us begin with the most important part of creating the perfect espresso shot; the espresso machine.

There are Three Main Types of Espresso Machines

    1. Steam-driven Espresso Machine:
      This type of machine is not very powerful at all, and will actually not create a true espresso shot so that you can create your own cappuccino or latte. They are fairly cheap for this reason and are not recommended by us, so we will not review any of these products for this purpose.
    2. Pump-driven Espresso Machine:
      These is the currently most popular type of machine out there, strong enough to give you a real shot of espresso at the right temperature. There are three automation types of the pump-driven espresso machine that make them each unique:
      Manual: This gives you complete control over everything in the process of making an espresso shot. You must grind, tamp, and pull the espresso shot all by yourself!
      Semi-Automatic: This type focuses on a pump to deliver the water, rather than doing it manually. The temperature is also automated and the only thing you need to decide is when to turn the pump on or off to halt the brewing process, hence why it is semi-automatic. Grinding and tamping is manual. This is your basic home espresso machine and it gives you the most control over your espresso shot.
      Automatic: The slightly more convenient type, this has all the features of the semi-automatic and you don’t need to press any button to stop the brewing process. Grinding and tamping is still manual in this one however.
      Super-Automatic: The final and most convenient and simplest type is the super-automatic. Everything is literally automated; from grinding, to brewing and ejecting the espresso. This is recommended if you have the budget and want everything to be done quickly and easily for you.
    3. Air Pressure Driven Espresso Machines:
      Also known as the portable machines, these are great for traveling only. They can handle just one shot at a time however, and are really only useful if you travel often and have no time to make your espresso at home.

Now that you see the different kinds of espresso machines out there, let’s move on to some reviews. This is what you are probably here for, and we aim to provide you with the information that will render you to have the greatest possible experience with your own in-home espresso adventure.

Reviews of the Top Espresso Products

1. Best Espresso Machines: My main list, here is where I have tested hundreds of different machines and rated them based on several factors. I narrowed it down to the top six best and most consistent machines based on overall performance so that you can choose the one that suits your needs the most.

    • Top Value Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine: This is for those that want complete control of their espresso shot but do not have the budget for the more expensive models.
    • Top Value Automatic Espresso Machine: This is for those who want to wake up and just have their espresso made for them without doing much manual work. This is our top budget pick and recommendation out of all automatic espresso machines.
    • Top Value Fully-Automatic Espresso Machine: This one is for people who want the ultimate fully automatic experience on a budget.

2. Best Coffee Grinders: A grinder is highly recommended if you want more consistent and better tasting espresso shots. A high quality grinder will significantly change the taste of the espresso that your machine creates, for the better. If you can spare the extra cost, it is definitely worth buying one. If you can’t, I would recommend you purchase a slightly cheaper machine and buy a great grinder with the rest of your money instead. Some machines actually come with their own integrated grinder, which can be great and significantly reduce the cost of buying them separately.

3. Best Milk Frother: This is for those who already have a machine that either does not already have a milk frother or they want something way better. Milk is a key ingredient in cappuccino and latte so if you can afford it, it can definitely make a difference in taste!

After you purchase and own your own machine and optionally your own grinder, you are ready to create espresso inside your own house. But first, you need the actual main ingredient; the coffee beans. This is where the next part comes in:

Reviews of the Top Coffee Beans

1. Best whole-ground Coffee Beans: Any coffee bean can be made into espresso from a specific grinding process. You will need your own grinder or have a built in grinder into your espresso machine to be able to use whole-ground beans. This is the most ideal way to create the most consistent, fresh, and flavorful espresso, but it will cost more as you will need a grinder on top of the machine. If you don’t have a grinder, do not go down this route. Instead, get these:

2. Best Tasting Ground Espresso: Already ground coffee beans are required for those who do not own a grinder. This is readily pre-packaged espresso for you so all you have to do is slip it into your machine and create your drink. We review some of the top tasting products here so your purchase can be ideal.

After you read the reviews and make a purchase, you might need to see some tutorials on how to utilize your newly acquired products to their maximum potential. This is where the next and last part comes in.

Guides and Blog

As I stated before, this part is to help guide you in some of the more difficult aspects of being an espresso machine owner. Some examples are how to clean your machine properly, what to do when your machine stalls, and other key things. Some of these guides will also include videos to make it as easy and efficient as possible to soak in the information. Our blog is also included in this section and it will be where I let out some of my secrets and tips to make your coffee experience more enjoyable.